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Caravan Service Cost Checklist: What’s Involved And How Much Is It?

Camping Cadillac Caravan Service Cost

Many people who own caravans seldom get them checked and repaired until the need arises, while the same people will be scrupulous about getting their car serviced. 

How Often Should I Get My Caravan Serviced?

It’s highly recommended to arrange annual caravan servicing, and these timely checks can save your life, and thousands of dollars, and avoid ruining any planned road trips. One of the biggest reasons to get your caravan serviced regularly is to do with safety, but here are a few more points you should consider:

  • Maintain your caravan’s roadworthiness
  • Keep all the wearable parts up to date, such as caravan bearings
  • Avoid unexpected expenses
  • Be confident enough to make plans involving your caravan

What’s Involved In a Comprehensive Caravan Service?

So, what’s checked during a caravan service? A caravan has a lot of different components that wear and need to be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. A caravan service includes checking and servicing all moving parts, ensuring parts are properly lubricated, checking brakes, wheel bearings, tyres, lights and suspension, and thoroughly checking the chassis for wear and cracks.

Here’s a list of common components on your caravan that will be checked as part of a caravan service:

  • couplings
  • brakes
  • bearings
  • springs and shackles
  • tyres
  • lights
  • chassis and suspension
  • jockey wheel and jacks

For new vans, you’ll need to have it serviced after 1,000kms. After that, it’s recommended caravan servicing either annually or every 10,000 km.

What Can I Do To Check My Own Caravan?

Most veteran caravan owners have their caravans serviced regularly. They also learn to look for signs of rust and wear, keep parts well lubricated, and do small maintenance jobs themselves. Regular checking can help keep caravan service costs down.

Unfortunately, many new caravan owners don’t understand the need for a regular check and may not know what to look for in a caravan.

Talk to your caravan service centre about the most important parts of your caravan that you need to care for. Read any manuals carefully and learn from other people you meet on the road. In between services, we advise you to do the following to check for signs of wear:

  • Check the coupling is lubricated and moves freely
  • Inspect the safety chain for rust
  • Check the jockey wheel operates smoothly
  • Ensure the handbrake operates smoothly
  • Check wheel rims and tyres for signs of wear
  • Make sure tyres are inflated correctly
  • Check for wear to bearings

How Much Does Regular Caravan Service Cost?

The cost for a comprehensive caravan service will vary slightly based on a single or tandem axle but generally will be around $300.

Camping Caravan Service Cost

Find a Reliable Caravan Service Centre

It’s important to find a caravan service and repair centre that you can trust to thoroughly work through a comprehensive caravan servicing checklist. An experienced repairer will also notice and fix minor problems on your caravan before they become major repairs. The experienced team at The Caravan Guys can offer a wealth of advice and are competitively priced. Get in touch with them to learn more about how they can help with your caravan’s next service.

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