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11 Caravan Storage Ideas & Organisation Hacks

There’s nothing quite like leaving the suburbs behind, hitting the road and settling into life in your van— but wait! After checking that you’ve gotten everything on your caravan essentials checklist, you realise that there just doesn’t seem to be enough room for it all. We’ve all been there; that’s why the team at The Caravan Guys have decided to share our caravan storage ideas with you, so you don’t get caught up Tallebudgera Creek without a paddle!

The Most Useful Space-Saving Caravan Storage Ideas

When first transitioning to the Van Life, it can be hard to judge what you will need and how to live in a caravan when you’re not used to being without much storage space. Luckily, these caravan storage hacks will provide you with enough tricks and tips to stockpile all the bits and bobs you’ll need for any situation that might arise, giving you more space to laze about in, and so you’ll so you’ll always have just what you need within reach.

#1. Use the Walls

Hooks, wall mounts, magnets, Velcro and suction cups can provide you with places to store smaller things that you can’t find the space for. In the kitchen, these can be great ways to keep utensils on hand without filling up all the drawers, and in the bathroom, things like toiletries and towels can easily find their fit where once was just a blank wall.

#2. Collapsible Caravan Storage Hacks

Collapsible boxes offer smart solutions for holding items needing temporary storage. For caravan pantry storage ideas, these soft containers can help to hold food and disposable items, flattening down to allow easy fit at the bottom of shelves or under the bed for future storage needs.

#3. Expand Your Benches by Covering the Sinks

Whether you’re running low on bench space in the kitchen or the bathroom, a sink cover can help give you that extra bit of room you need. Simply find a wooden chopping board that spans the size of your sink, then lay it across the bowl to get some extra prep room and a place to keep your bathroom items.

#4. Caravan Clothes Storage Ideas

If you’re finding that your clothes don’t seem to take up all the hanging space in your cupboard, then these caravan clothes storage ideas might be just for you. Instead of piling your clothes onto hangers, get yourself a few hanging shelves. Designed to hold your folded items, underwear, and any other compact items that might otherwise end up strewn on the floor, hanging shelves are ideal for getting that little bit of extra space out of otherwise unusable areas.

#5. Clever Cable Management

A great way to keep all those cables and wires from taking up unwanted space is by getting out your old hose reel! Simple and easy, winding up your cables around the reel will clean up potential tripping hazards while also keeping your van in good nick.

#6. Stacking Caravan Pantry Storage Ideas

When deciding what items to fill your kitchen with, our caravan pantry storage ideas involve always making sure our dishes stack. From bowls to cups, to measuring tools and containers, you’ll never run out of space when all your kitchen and pantry items can nest into each other neatly.

#7. Caravan Cupboard Storage Ideas

It’s not just the walls that offer more storage space that usually goes unused—the insides of cupboard doors and the underneath of shelves can also go overlooked. Over-door storage racks and undershelf hangers are secure and easy ways to sneak a little more inside, with these caravan cupboard storage ideas letting you use every possible surface!

#8. Don’t Let the Air Go to Waste

Where possible, use bags and wire baskets to hold your belongings off the ground and out of important drawers and shelves, which might be better used to hold your other necessities.

#9. Think Outside the Box in the Bathroom

Instead of using towel racks for towels or revolving trays for the kitchen table, use these caravan storage hacks to make the most of what little space a bathroom provides. By attaching baskets to the towel rails, you can get a ton of extra space that the cupboard under the sink just doesn’t offer. Then, take your lazy Susan and fit it inside your cupboard. This way, you’ll be able to access all your toiletries easily without needing to reach in and past bulky plumbing.

#10. Caravan Toolbox Ideas

Don’t discount the space outside your van when searching for caravan toolbox ideas. A front toolbox to be attached to the outside of your caravan can hold extra tools, jerry cans, your barbecue, and your generator.

#11. Think Vertically

More handy caravan toolbox ideas for storage can be found when lining the inside of your tool storage area with pegboards, allowing all your tools to be stored vertically and providing you with more room for more emergency items.

Let Us Help You Make the Most of Your Caravan Storage

If you find that you could use a bit more space in your van, The Caravan Guys offer caravan renovations which make the most of what little room a van offers. Get in touch with us by booking an appointment or sending us a message to see what upgrades might benefit you. We also offer health checks, and repairs, and we provide parts and accessories, so get in touch with us before you leave for your next road trip.