Life of Van Wife – A Coastal Kept Secret

Life of a Van Wife – Caravan Park in Sunshine Coast

Only an hour and a half drive from Sunshine Coast, situated in Cooloola National Park with a very easy beach access. Drive along the beautiful Teewah Beach and you’ll arrive at this coastal kept secret – Double Island Point! 

Life of Van Wife – A Coastal Kept Secret

It’s a pretty amazing feeling knowing you can basically drive anywhere in Australia with a four wheel drive, to leave the paved roads for the great sandy unknown.

Life of a Van Wife – A Coastal Kept Secret

Exploring the Hidden Oasis: A Caravan Park in Sunshine Coast

It’s our second time coming here and luckily we got perfect weather! At the beginning of the year we got caught up in a horrendous storm that completely ruined our set up, we sat in the car for shelter waiting for it to pass. Everything got wet and destroyed by the wind. We packed up that late afternoon and drove home just before high tide hit. 
Double Island is well known for its beautiful beach, the marvellous coastline with crystal clear water, huge dunes and powder sand between your toes. Limited phone reception, stuck in pure total bliss of nature. 10/10 star views with the Milky Way shining so bright.

Life of a Van Wife at Sunshine Coast

There’s something about cooking in the wild that brings your meals alive! Our taste buds were constantly salvaging. Having a warm dinner whilst watching the sun set behind the dunes. This will soon be our everyday full time life. Having that unlimited freedom and deciding the very next day where to call home for the night. Not doing much, just taking it all in. Being present and being in the blissful moment. This caravan park in sunshine coast is just amazing!

Life of a Van Wife_A Coastal Kept Secret

It’s about conquering the fear of the unknown, in order to pursue what makes you feel alive.
Much love, K
Life of a van wife