Van Iso to Unit Iso

Living the Van Life – Van Iso to Unit Iso

Life of a Van Wife – Van Iso to Unit Iso

I’m coming to the realisation now that sadly, our dream trip will be put on pause. Right now just isn’t a good time to be travelling. April 20th was the date we chose. Our date for when we hit the road, instead we’re currently in our third week of isolation.
Every day there’s an announcement of new regulations and every day I am experiencing a different emotion.

With the whole world now being in lock down and because we’re technically “homeless”, we needed a place to wind down. I found it quite hard to stay sane being kept in the van and it was clear that Clover needed some space too. (No offence to our caravan, we love her)

Until the government decide to close construction sites we will comfortably be staying here, as luckily Mitch is still working. We have absolutely no idea where we will go next due to the caravan/national parks being closed, but we’ll figure that next chapter out when she comes.

This is what dreams are made of – an isolation apartment with a beach front view. Not going to lie, instantly our energy has shifted. Things seem a lot more normal up here, not a glove or mask in sight.

van life of baby
beach view

Living the Van Life with Baby

We’re noticing the little things like hot running water from the tap, being able to use a dishwasher and use a washing machine wow, making coffee with an electric kettle, not having to lock Clover in the toilet with me haha and even being able to watch tv – it’s amazing!

Having an enormous amount of freedom is something I think each and every one of us took for granted, but how great will it be when we get it back. We as a nation need to do our bit to protect our loved ones. Wishing everyone to continue their health and safety during these times. I’m quite worried for my dad who has a severe lung disease, my nana who just fought off Pneumonia, my dear friends who are about to give birth and all of you!

We must stay positive, stay wholesome and #stayathome.

Much love, K xx

– Life Of A Van Wife

enjoing at beach