Life of a Van Wife – Road Wedding in 1770

Life of a Van Wife – Our Caravan Wedding in 1770

Arriving at the beautiful seaside, laid back Agnes Waters a week before our special day, for a little pre honeymoon – as we liked to call it! Feeling totally relaxed exploring the beaches and swimming twice a day, adventuring barefoot on nature walks, spoiling ourselves with yummy takeaway restaurant food, while also being on the hunt to find “OUR” spot.

Caravan Life

Caravan Life Leading Up to Our Intimate Caravan Wedding

We wanted our day to be intimate, full of love and very relaxed. Planning made smoother only having two loved ones on either side of the family attend. Bit of a backstory – but we’ve sadly had to cancel our wedding twice over the years, today on our tenth year anniversary we will finally seal the deal through a special caravan wedding. Saturday Evening – 10/10/2020. Barefoot on the lawn walking down the aisle, holding the hand of our first born and growing our second wrapped in my beautiful lace gown. This moment was all a dream. I remember it lasting only a couple of minutes. I couldn’t stop smiling. Only looking straight ahead at my soon to be husband standing in the shade, under the palm trees. All dressed in black with a smile from ear to ear, wiping away a tear – taking every little detail in. Clover ran down the aisle strutting her stuff (she totally thought she was the bride hah). This was her cute moment, she wasn’t that cute during the exchanging of vowels or when she attempted to pull my dress down exposing the ta ta’s.

Life of Van Wife – Our Road Wedding in 1770
Life of a Van Wife – Our Road Wedding
Life of a Van Wife – Our Road Wedding in 1770

This afternoon is about us, our visions and our values. Lucky to grow up together and to be able to grow old together. Dreaming of our reality and living our dreams whilst sharing our love with our children. We loved how perfectly this day folded out due to the help of our family and the lovely locals.

Life of a Van Wife – Our Road Wedding

Our ceremony was held in the balinese style gardens behind the beautiful Getaway Cafe. Our celebrent knew the owners very well and they were totally cool with us getting married on their land! Mitch and his step dad got a ride to the ceremony with the hair stylist and our photographer drove us to our reception dinner after we had the sunset photos captured.

Life of a Van Wife – Our Road Wedding in 1770

My bridal bouquet was designed by a really lovely friend of mine (Tugun Village Florist on the Gold Coast). It then went on the far journey of being picked up by another good friend of mine, delivered to my sisters address and then driven up the coast for 8 hours. We organised a live stream so that our family and friends all around the country could be a part of our special day. I think in total over 70 people watched it live which was pretty cool – they dressed up and had a drink ready for the cheers! (& they nearly saw my ta ta’s whoops)

Our Road Wedding in 1770

Getting married on the road gave us complete freedom to be who we are. All together our budget, but ‘perfect’ elopement cost around $3500 with absolutely everything

included. Beginning our newly married lives happy, free and entirely in love.

Much love,

K L…

– Life of a van wife